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Passport photos

Australian passport photos are different to US passport photos and can be difficult to obtain in the United States. 

Please review the photo requirements and camera operator guidelines, and discuss them with your photographer.  In particular, we suggest that you check your photographer:

  • can produce glossy prints that are printed at the highest resolution
  • does not use an inkjet printer (dye sublimation is acceptable)
  • has studio lighting so that there are no shadows behind your ears/head, and the lighting across your face is even.

We are unable to accept photos taken at most US pharmacies as the resolution is not high enough to meet our requirements.

US Photographers

The map below shows photographers used by our clients with good results. Please note that we do not endorse any photographers or outlets, and we cannot guarantee or take any responsibility for their work. It is important that you check your photos to make sure they meet our requirements.  We also recommend you contact the photographer directly to confirm their address and operating hours.

If you are a photographer who would like to be listed on the map above, please see our information about providing photo samples for our consideration.

No locations near you?

You may wish to consider www.passportphotonow.com to print a photo that someone takes of using using a digital camera or smart phone.  Make sure the person taking the photo holds the camera horizontally (like a tv screen).  Do not take a selfie because holding the camera this close to your face causes a distortion of your facial features.  

When you submit your order to www.passportphotonow.com, please specify on your order that your photos cannot be retouched - no background removal, no red-eye removal, no post-capture alteration.

Get photos on the way to your interview

Many clients prefer to obtain photos at a location near a passport office instead of sourcing photos locally.

For clients lodging the Application for an Australian Passport Overseas form (PC8), please follow these steps if you wish to obtain photos on the way to your interview:

  • Obtain a passport photo from a local store and have your guarantor endorse the back of it. Any US-style photo will work for the guarantor endorsement. The photo does not have to meet the Australian standards.
  • On your way to your interview, obtain two additional photos from a photographer on our map. These two photos must meet the Australian standards and you should check them carefully.
  • Provide all three photos at your interview - the original photo signed by the guarantor, plus the two new photos you obtained on your way to the interview.

For clients lodging the one page Australian Passport Renewal Application form (PC7) no additional steps are necessary as no guarantor is required.