We are seeking photographers in the United States who can produce passport photos that meet the Australian standard.  We do not officially endorse or recommend any photographer but we would like to list you on our photographer map so that our clients can find you. 

To be listed on our website, you must operate from a commercial business premises (no private homes) and be able to consistently produce photos that meet the Australian passport standards.  Please check our photo guidelines and our camera operator guidelines for details on our photo requirements.

If you send your images to an offsite location for printing, please let us know so that we can include this information on our website.  Many of our clients are happy to wait several days for their photos to be received if the final product meets our requirements. 

How to submit samples

Please mail your samples to:

Passport Manager – Photo Samples
Embassy of Australia
1145 17th St NW
Washington DC 20036 

Please include the following information with your samples:

  1. Samples of two different people – if possible, the models should have different skin tones.  One photo should show a model with short hair to demonstrate there are no shadows behind the head/earlobes.
  2. Your business details and whether appointments are required.
  3. Confirmation that you do not make any post-capture alterations – e.g. no retouching, no background removal, no red eye removal, etc.

We will review your samples within two weeks and advise you by email if they meet our requirements.


Use a dye sublimation printer - we don't accept inkjet prints. 

Measure the head size – head must measure 32-36 mm from the tip of the chin to the top of the skull (as if bald).  This is not the hairline or the top of the hair, but the top of the skull.

Use studio lighting – we cannot accept photos with shadows under the chin or behind the head, or if the lighting across the face is uneven.

Have clients remove glasses – clients should not wear glasses, even if they wear them all the time.

Ensure hair is clear of eye area – we cannot accept photos with hair touching the client’s eyes or eyelids.  Hair should be clear of the eyes and the sides of the face. 

Do not retouch – we cannot accept photos with post-capture alterations, including background removal, mole removal, red-eye removal, etc.

Leave photos untrimmed - we accept 2”x2” photos if the image contained within meets our requirements.  The minimum outside dimensions are 35mm x 45mm.