Paul Myler

Paul Myler, Deputy Head of Mission for the Embassy of Australia, Washington DC

As Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr Myler has supported Ambassadors Hockey, Sinodinos and now Rudd through the major geopolitical and economic shifts of the last five years including: COVID-19; China’s economic coercion and Australia’s responding diversification of markets and prioritisation of trusted supply chains; re-energising of the Quad and founding of AUKUS; designing Australia’s response to the Biden Administration’s Inflation Reduction Act; and the revival of the threat of major power conflict.

Prior to Washington, Mr Myler held the positions of Assistant Secretary, North East Asia and Assistant Secretary, India and Indian Ocean with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), spearheading efforts to increase strategic and defence cooperation, diversify Australia’s economy and generate a more robust Indo-Pacific regional architecture. Mr Myler led Australia’s civilian participation in key INDOPACOM military exercises in 2017 (Talisman Saber) and 2019 (Pacific Sentry).

From 2013-15, Mr Myler was Australia’s Ambassador to the Russian Federation and the countries of Central Asia. He has also served as Chief of Staff to Australia’s Minister for Resources and Energy.