Applying for temporary employment

To work at the Embassy or Consulates-General, it is a United States Department of State requirement that you must be a United States citizen, or a United States lawful permanent resident (Green Card holder), or a dependant of an Australian officer posted to the Embassy or the Consulate-General and have been issued a dependant A-visa, or possess a dependant visa and a valid US employment authorisation card, such as a dependant A, E, G, H1-B, J or L visa and a valid US employment authorisation card. Some other principal visas, such as students on F-visas who have completed their studies and been granted a one-year employment authorisation card to gain work experience, Green card applicants who have been issued an employment authorisation card pending the issuance of the green card, and individuals granted Temporary Protected Status (refugees) may also be issued a US employment authorisation card which will allow you to work. All employees on US employment authorisation cards may only work for the validity of the employment authorisation card and must renew their card, if eligible for a renewal, in order to remain employed. Renewing an employment authorisation card can take several weeks to months and holders are advised to seek renewal early.

To be considered for full-time or part-time temporary work at the Embassy or Consulates-General, applicants are required to provide the following:

Please submit these forms with a copy of your resume to if applying for the Embassy in Washington DC OR if applying to the Consulate-General in New York 

Temporary vacancies are usually filled on a short-term contract basis from those listed on the Embassy or Consulate-General's temporary staff register. Most vacancies are full-time but less than 3 months in length. Types of temporary vacancies include executive/administrative assistant, registry/file assistant, receptionist, guard, and driver.

Occasionally, longer term temporary vacancies (3 months or more) will occur and will be advertised on Current Vacancies.

Please note that applications are kept on file for 12 months. Your application will be considered when temporary vacancies arise and decisions are based on suitability, availability, and/or the possession of a security clearance (if required by the position). Start dates for all temporary vacancies are subject to satisfactory background checks being completed for all individuals. Only those applicants with valid authorisation to work in the United States will be considered for the Temporary Registry.

Download application forms