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How to apply for a passport in the USA

Please follow the steps below to renew or apply for your Australian passport while in the United States. 

Step by step instructions


1.  Fill out your application online at the global website. You must create an account. 

You can use US letter size paper to print your application. You may need to adjust your printer settings (look for Shrink to Fit or Fit to Page settings), especially if you use Chrome or Firefox, to ensure the bottom of the form is not cut off.
2.  Sign and date your form using Australian Date Format (DD/MM/YYYY).

Make sure all sections are signed, including by witnesses where required.  Passport staff cannot witness signatures. 

Check there are no alterations to signatures or dates.  We can't accept applications with overwritten dates or dates in US format. 

3.  Obtain two passport photos.

Check the photo requirements as bad photos are the most common reason for application rejections. Do NOT use pharmacy photos.

Check out our map of passport photographers in the United States.

4. Check whether you can apply apply by mail or in person.                                                                          

By mail

From 3 October 2022, adults using the one-page PC7 Australian Passport Renewal Application form can apply by mail.  To apply by mail, please follow the PC7 mail instructions to prepare your mail application kit. 

In Person - by appointment only 

All applications can be lodged in person by making an appointment online with any passport office.

Clients using the five-page PC8 Application for an Australian Passport Overseas form must apply in person. These applications cannot be lodged by mail.

For child applications, one parent must lodge the application in person. It does not matter whether the lodging parent is an Australian citizen. Children aged 16 and 17 years old must attend the interview, together with one parent.  Children aged 15 years and younger are not required to attend.

Read the Required Documents before your interview and go through the checklist to avoid common errors.  You should also check the requirements for name changes, translation of foreign documents and guarantors for PC8 applications. 

5.  Allow approximately 8-12 weeks to receive your new passport. Please read our information on Urgent Travel if you need to travel in the meantime.