How do I find the right visa to travel to Australia?

The Visa Finder can help you find the Australian visa most likely to meet your specific circumstances. It includes the most common Australian visas, but does not include every visa.

I would like to work in Australia, what do I need to do?

You can find a range of temporary and permanent skilled visas online. Includes Working Holiday (417)  and Temporary Work - Skilled (457)  visas.

What if I want to study in Australia?

Student visas are temporary visas that allow people to come to Australia for a specified period to study at an Australian educational institution.

What if I want to migrate to Australia?

Information outlining some useful resources and tolls for migration agents in Australia.

I have an occupation or skill that may be needed in Australia, how do I find out what is accepted?

Information on getting an assessment of occupational qualifications or skills that you have gained overseas.

I have a family member in Australia, how do I go about migrating?

There are a number of migration options for fiancés, partners, children and parents of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens.

I am a returning resident, what are my visa options?

There are visa options available for current or former Australian permanent residents, or former Australian citizens to re-enter Australia.

I have lodged a visa application, how do I know where it is up to?

Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) is a free online service that gives visa holders, employers and other registered organisations access to visa entitlements and status information 24 hours a day.

What do I need to enter Australia?

Everyone travelling to Australia must present a valid and approved travel document as evidence of their identity and nationality.

Are there migration agents who can assist?

Advice on the use of migration agents to help with your application.

What character requirements am I required to meet to enter Australia?

Everyone who wishes to enter Australia must be assessed against the character requirements.

Do I have to enter Australia on an Australian passport?

Yes. You are not entitled to a visa, even if you are also a citizen of another country. Please see the Department of Home Affairs website for more information.  

Can I travel on a passport in which the name is different from my ticket?

You should contact your airline to see if they will carry you. If so, you should then contact the immigration department of all countries to which you are travelling (except Australia) to ensure you will be able to fulfil their immigration/customs requirements. 

How can I update my passport details with the Department?

Instructions can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website.

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Information on Australian visas and citizenship, as well as ways to make an enquiry, can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website.  Please note that the embassy is unable to answer visa and citizenship enquiries.