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Australian elections

For general information on Australian elections, enrolment and voting while overseas, visit the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website: https://www.aec.gov.au, or contact the AEC by calling +61 2 6160 2600 or emailing info@aec.gov.au. You can also follow the AEC's Twitter account: @AusElectoralCom.

2020 ACT Legislative Assembly election

An ACT Legislative Assembly election will be held on 17 October 2020.

Voting will be available to eligible ACT electors, including those overseas at the time, from 9am on 28 September 2020 until 6pm on 17 October 2020 (AEDT).


The ACT electoral roll is maintained by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and enrolment provisions for the ACT are essentially the same as for Federal elections.

If you are NOT already enrolled and you are eligible, you can still enrol. Recent legislative change means that although people can no longer update their existing enrolment, eligible persons who are yet to enrol in the ACT can do so right up to, and on, the final day of voting.

It is now too late to update your details for this election. You can still update your details but the changes will not be applied to the ACT electoral roll until after the close of voting on 17 October 2020.

For further information regarding your enrolment or eligibility to vote, visit https://www.elections.act.gov.au/electoral_enrolment/faq_-_enrolment or contact Elections ACT via email (elections@act.gov.au) or telephone (+61 2 6205 0033).

Overseas Voting

** In-person voting will NOT be available at the Embassy, Australian Consulates-General or Honorary Consulates in the United States **

Due to disruptions and delays to international postage and the time required for postal votes to be sent to international locations, completed on or before 17 October 2020 and returned to Elections ACT prior to the cut-off for being counted (23 October 2020), postal voting is NOT recommended for electors overseas.

Instead, Elections ACT is encouraging electors overseas to vote electronically via its overseas electronic voting (e-voting) option.

To be eligible to use the e-voting service, electors must be in an overseas location at the time of voting.

A link to the overseas e-voting service will be made available at https://www.elections.act.gov.au/elections_and_voting/2020_legislative_assembly_election/2020-going-overseas during the voting period, ie. from 9am on 28 September 2020 until 6pm on 17 October 2020 (AEDT). The service will be operational only during that time.

** Note: voting by Australians who are overseas at the time of the elections is NOT compulsory **

Additional Information

Further information related to being overseas at election time is available on the Elections ACT website: https://www.elections.act.gov.au/election_and_voting/2020_legislative_assembly_election/2020-going-overseas, or by contacting Elections ACT via email (elections@act.gov.au) or telephone (+61 2 6205 0033).