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Passport fees

Passport application fees for August/September 2021


Adult passport, 10-year validity

Overseas processing surcharge  

Total Adult cost




Child passport for 16-17 year olds, 10-year validity

Overseas processing surcharge

Total cost for 16-17 year olds




Child passport for 0-15 year olds, 5-year validity

Overseas processing surcharge

Total cost for 0-15 year olds




Senior passport (75 years or older), 5-year validity

Overseas processing surcharge

Total Senior cost




Replacement passport (if current passport with at least 2 years validity remaining is full or has minor damage, or requires a non-gratis name change - conditions apply) $139                             
Emergency passport (for adults or children, only if eligible) $139

Courier fee FedEx - mainland USA (up to 0.5 pounds - approximately two passports)

Courier fee FedEx - mainland USA (over 0.5 pounds)

Courier fee FedEx - Hawaii inter-island only




Acceptable methods of payment

All fees are charged in US dollars.  Payment must be made at the time of your interview.

All offices accept payment by Visa and Mastercard (credit or debit). The following offices accept these additional card types:

  • Discover - Honolulu, Houston, San Francisco and Washington only
  • American Express - San Francisco only

Cash and cheques are not accepted at any office.

Another person may pay on your behalf, however if they are not present at your interview, we can accept their credit card payment if they complete and sign our Credit Card Authorisation Form.

You must present the signed authorisation form at your interview. Alternatively, you can purchase a prepaid Visa or MasterCard at many stores across the United States, including pharmacies.

Receiving your new passport

You should allow approximately 3 weeks to receive your new passport. You can collect it from the office where you lodged your application for no charge or request it to be sent to you by FedEx. If you wish to have your new passport sent to you, you will need to pay an additional USD15 (for up to three passports to the one address). *** Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most offices are no longer able to provide the option for you to collect your passport in person. ***

If you prefer, you can provide a prepaid letter-sized envelope with the courier company of your choice (eg. UPS, FedEx, etc). However, you must use a service that requires a signature on delivery. We will not use your courier envelope if it allows a delivery driver to leave your package unattended. We do not send passports via the US Postal Service.  Please note that the Washington office does not accept UPS courier envelopes at this time.