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Passport documents required - Adult renewal

Australian Passport Renewal Application (PC7)

You must bring the following items to your passport interview:

  • Your most recent passport.
  • Your completed application form. 
  • Visa or MasterCard for payment.  (Some offices also accept other payment cards.)
  • 2 compliant passport photos, less than six months old.  (We will attach the photos for you.)

Use this checklist to prepare for your interview

  • Section 5 is signed and dated in Australian date format - DD/MM/YYYY.
  • No alterations or whiteout on your signature and date. 
  • Your signature is completely inside the white box.
  • Photos checked for size and quality. Use a magnifying glass to ensure they are not grainy, blurry, pixilated or striped. There should be no flash reflection on your face or shadows behind your head.
  • Your name is printed on the back of one photo.
  • Application form is valid (check expiration date at the top). 
  • Application form is sized correctly so nothing is cut off at the top or bottom of pages.

If your application does not meet the requirements above, please contact your lodging office for advice before attending your interview.  For more detailed information on these requirements, please go to www.passports.gov.au.