Applying for a Vacancy

Please follow the instructions on current opportunities - local engagements to apply for a vacancy at an overseas Australian Diplomatic Mission

TIPS for applying

Responses to the selection criteria and  pitches

Applicants must provide a statement which provides responses to all selection criteria, including desirable criteria for their applications to be considered. Selection criteria for each position are listed in the position documentation of each vacancy.

Addressing selection criteria*

To address each criterion, applicants must provide a statement on your abilities, experiences, and/or knowledge in the area.  You might include reference to relevant training and how you have successfully used these and other skills in your current or past positions.

Example: Selection Criterion 1: Knowledge and experience of dealing with domestic pets.
I have two cats and three dogs of my own which I care for on a day to day basis. During high school I cared for pets, including rabbits, cats, dogs, hamsters and a donkey, for owners who were on vacation . For the last three years I have worked as a veterinary assistant in a practice based on small domestic animals. Through this work I learned basic first aid for pets and how to apply this with minimum difficulty for both the pet and the owner. I was responsible for the daily management of up to 20 boarded pets per day, including changing of dressings.

Repeat for each criterion.

*Please note the word limit for each criterion

Addressing selection criteria in a pitch**

Your pitch is your opportunity to tell us why you are the right person for this position, why you are interested in the role, what you can offer us, and how your skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications are applicable to the role. Make sure you read the position description and highlight some specific examples or achievements that will demonstrate your ability to perform in the role.

**Please note the word limit for your pitch 

Recruitment and selection


Interviews are typically scheduled within 2 weeks of the closing date.

In-person interviews are conducted at the Embassy or Consulates-General. Telephone or Skype interviews are conducted for those short-listed candidates who are not currently residing in the area. Interviews typically run for 30 to 45 minutes. The interview panel typically consists of a work unit representative, a Human Resources representative, and an independent representative. Candidates are asked a range of situational, behavioural, and general questions. Each question is designed to elicit responses that demonstrate skills and abilities in, and/or knowledge of each selection criterion. All candidates are asked the same set of interview questions.


All short-listed candidates are notified of the outcome of their application for the position within four weeks of the interview date.

Accepting the offer

The successful candidate will be made an offer of employment subject to verification of start date, employment authorisation, security/background checks, etc. Start dates for all vacancies can not be confirmed until satisfactory security/background checks have been completed.