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Consular FAQs

Who do you provide consular assistance to?

We provide consular assistance to Australian citizens. We can also assist Canadian citizens in certain locations specified in the Australia-Canada Consular Sharing Agreement. Consular services for permanent residents of Australia are limited to crisis situations. If you are a dual national, we will only be able to assist you in your country of other nationality in exceptional circumstances.

Who do I contact if I require consular assistance?

If you require consular assistance, contact your nearest Australian mission.

What if I require emergency assistance after hours?

Australians requiring emergency assistance outside business hours can call the 24-hour consular emergency helpline on +61 2 6261 3305.

What consular services can you provide?

Each case is unique and our assistance will depend on the circumstances and availability of consular resources.

We may be able to:

  • issue replacement passports and travel documents;
  • provide details of local doctors and hospitals in a medical emergency;
  • if you are the victim of a serious assault or other crime, provide appropriate help, including details of local lawyers and details of interpreters;
  • if you are arrested, visit or contact you to check on your welfare, provide details of local lawyers and details of interpreters if required and do what we can to see you are treated fairly under the laws of the country in which you have been arrested;
  • provide advice and support in a wide range of other cases including the death of relatives overseas, missing persons and kidnappings;
  • if you agree, we will contact friends or family on your behalf. In some circumstances we may contact your friends or family where we have been unable to get your consent;
  • make special arrangements in cases of international terrorism, civil disturbances and natural disasters (fees may apply);
  • enable you to vote in Australian federal and some state elections while overseas;
  • provide some notarial services, including witnessing and authenticating documents and administering oaths and affirmations (fees apply); and/or
  • provide small emergency loans in exceptional situations (you may be required to surrender your passport and you may not be issued with a replacement until the debt is repaid).

For all other information please see our Consular Services page.