Our nation mourns the loss of one of our greatest ever Australians.

Yunupingu dedicated his life to preserving Australia’s Indigenous cultures and the advancement of lasting and genuine reconciliation between the peoples of Australia.

In the history of our country, there is no individual who did more than Yunupingu to illuminate the path of reconciliation for us all.

In the final decades of his momentous life, Yunupingu’s wisdom and experience led him to conclude that constitutional reform was the best way to ensure the security and wellbeing of everyone in our commonwealth.

This was Yunupingu’s clear message when he presented me with a bark petition asking our government to commence a formal process for constitutional recognition, which we did.

It is devastating that Yunupingu will not be with us in the days ahead, but his absence should steel our resolve to realise a future where Australians are truly reconciled.

Hon Dr Kevin Rudd AC

Washington DC

2 April 2023