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The Embassy of Australia, located at 1601 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington DC, remains open for business while scaffolding is erected around the building. The scaffolding will remain in place for an indeterminate period.   We apologise for any inconvenience.  The new Embassy design will promote an enduring vision of a contemporary and innovative Australia, paying tribute to the Australian landscape. The design includes an expansive glass atrium in the centre of the building, a large open public space looking back towards the White House, with an exhibition gallery.


Visit to the United States

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop  will visit Washington DC from 20-22 February to meet with Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.  The Australia-United States Alliance is the cornerstone of our foreign and strategic relationship with the United States.  Minister Bishop will also meet senior members of the new United States Administration and leading foreign policy thinkers to share views on advancing Australia's interests with our American partners. I will reinforce Australia's commitment to the Alliance and to our ongoing cooperation in responding to regional and global challenges, including to the US-led coalition to counter Daesh...

Statement On Indulgence - Sapphire Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

House of Representatives, Parliament House - Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull:  Thank you, Mr Speaker. On behalf of all Australians I congratulate Her Majesty, the Queen, on her Sapphire Jubilee. On 65 years of service as Queen of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth lands, including Australia.  This is an extraordinary milestone.  The Queen is the longest serving British monarch. Only five other Kings and Queens in British history have reigned for 50 years or more. She is the only British monarch to reign for 65 years. Over those 65 years, the Queen has visited Australia 16 times and is patron of numerous Australian charities and organisations.  The vast majority of Australians have known no other Head of State. She is so revered and respected here that few of us can say that we are not Elizabethans.  Mr Speaker, along with the other nation states of the Commonwealth, we acknowledge with gratitude Her Majesty's years of duty and service and regardless of our constitutional views, thank her for an extraordinary reign and extraordinary service to Britain, the Commonwealth, and Australia. [ends]

Confirmation of United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

The Australian Government welcomes the confirmation of a new United States Secretary of State.  Australia and the United States work closely on many issues relevant to our national interest and also on issues with international implications.  It is a relationship based on a commitment to freedom, peace and prosperity, democracy and the rule of law. We work closely together across foreign policy, defence and security, economic, scientific, cultural pursuits and have done so for many decades.  Importantly, Australia is a partner with the United States in supporting and strengthening the rules-based international order.'  I look forward to meeting Secretary Tillerson at the earliest opportunity and also welcoming him to Australia for the annual security and defence summit AUSMIN.

Turnbull Government secures US exemption for Australian Passport Holders

The Australian Government has received assurances from the United States Administration that all Australian passport holders remain welcome to travel to the US.  The White House has confirmed the US Executive Order of January 27 will not affect any Australian passport holder irrespective of their country of birth or whether they hold another passport. Australia and the United States have a longstanding alliance and partnership across economic, national security, strategic and trade matters which will continue to grow. The Australian Government is committed to advancing our national interest and protecting the interests of Australian citizens and we will continue to do so. 

The Foreign Minister’s keynote address at the G’Day USA Dialogue on Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

Australia’s Foreign Minister The Hon Julie Bishop MP underlined the importance of the US-Australian alliance in tackling challenges in the Indo-Pacific region at the G’Day USA Dialogue on Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific in Los Angeles  26 January.  Key points include emerging security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, regional trade dynamics and the importance of the US-Australia alliance:  “Happy Australia Day. How fitting it is, if you have to be outside the country, to celebrate our national day here in Los Angeles, for there are few nations that enjoy a closer relationship than that between Australia and the United States. We are allies, partners, collaborators and most importantly friends - we like each other - a lot.  We share fundamental values that underpin a corresponding world view and a similar brand of pragmatic optimism. There's a natural affinity. We benefit from a high level of mutual trust, built up over decades of close cooperation” …

Economic Outlook Address - 23 January, New York City

The Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, The Hon Steven Ciobo’s gave his economic outlook address, The Importance of Asia in the 21st Century, at the G’Day USA luncheon in New York City on 23 January:  "There is a Chinese proverb: If you want to open a store, you need to know how to smile.  And so, as Australia’s trade and tourism Minister, I stand here before you smiling.  A trade minister’s core business, by definition, is to retail their country’s outputs; to connect those opportunities with the global marketplace; and to search out a framework to reduce input costs (or prices) for Australian consumers and businesses. This task is easier among economies with growth. And the smile metaphor can be as equally applied to customer service, as it can to policy settings. Australia is a country that wants to trade. Australia is a country that needs to trade"…




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