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Women In Leadership Panel Pledge

The Panel Pledge: Gender Balance in Every Forum

Conferences and panels provide a platform to share experiences and perspectives. When you limit the range of perspectives, you limit the quality of the conversation. 

Simon Rothery, CEO, Goldman Sachs Australia

The Embassy of Australia in Washington DC has pledged to ensure women are equally represented on panels and as speakers at events.

We’ve joined Male Champions of Change, Chief Executive Women and Women’s Leadership Institute Australia to pledge that whenever we are invited to be involved in or sponsor a panel or conference, we will take steps to ensure gender equity across representatives and participants.

Ambassador Arthur Sinodinos AO and Deputy Ambassador Katrina Cooper invite you to join them in actively improving the gender balance on panels, and ensuring diversity of views and experiences from speakers.

Four steps are all it takes:

  1. Commit to the panel pledge: when you are invited to speak at or participate in a professional forum, ask how gender balance will be achieved, and put forward women from your field or organisation in your place to help achieve it.
  2. Keep the momentum: point out gender imbalances when you see them, and encourage event organisers to take ownership of achieving gender balance.
  3. Actively encourage women’s voices: use your networks to link women to speaking opportunities.
  4. Persevere: don’t accept excuses for a lack of gender balance on panels.

Join the growing list of leaders who have already pledged to improve women’s representation as speakers:

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Read the panel pledge here.