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Passport applications during COVID-19

**Last updated 9:10am EDT Wednesday, 13 May 2020 - Please monitor this page for updates**

Temporary Passport Arrangements during Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

The Australian Embassy and our Consulates-General continue to offer essential passport services during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Lodging passport applications

If you need a passport during this time, we encourage you to apply for a temporary passport via mail.  Applications should be mailed to the office with jurisdiction over your state to the attention of the Passport Office  You should include:

  • ​A fully completed passport application form​
  • Two compliant passport photos
  • Photocopy of your most recent passport (photo page only)
  • B11 General Declaration explaining why you are unable to attend an interview
  • Credit card authorisation form for payment​
  • Airline tickets or other evidence of travel (if travelling within 3 weeks)
  • ​For clients submitting the PC8 Application for an Australian Passport Overseas form (eg. child applications, first time applicants, replacement of lost/stolen passports), you should also include photocopies of all required documents including:  proof of citizenship, birth certificate, ID combination including proof of address, name change documents if your name has changed, parental name change documents for child applications, and all court orders issued for child applicants. ​Please make sure you include a copy of both the front and back of each document.  

Once we receive your application, we will email you with the time and date of your interview which will be conducted online using a link we send to you. Generally this will be within 1-2 business days of receiving your application.

Application fees for temporary passports​ (Valid for May 2020) 

Clients with scheduled travel within 3 weeks

US$121 plus $15 FedEx fee

An emergency passport will generally be issued within 2 working days of receiving a complete application. ​

Clients with travel after 3 weeks

A temporary passport valid for one year will be issued in up to 3 weeks of receiving a complete application. 

  • ​Adults: US$193 plus $15 FedEx fee
  • Seniors: US$97​ plus $15 FedEx fee
  • 16 and 17 year olds: US$193​ plus $15 FedEx fee
  • 15 year olds and younger:  US$97​ plus $15 FedEx fee

Note:  Your application fee covers the cost of your temporary passport plus your replacement passport, provided you apply for the replacement in person at one of our offices before your temporary passport expires, and meet all requirements.  ​​

Apply in Person – By Appointment Only

At this time, in-person appointments are reserved for clients who need to lodge essential applications. Clients who make an appointment and who are interviewed at one of our offices will be issued with a full validity passport within three weeks, provided courier services in the Australia/US network continue to operate.  If you have urgent travel, you can also be issued with an emergency passport (see above).

See Where to Apply for appointment requirements at each location. ​ Normal fees apply. ​

For the safety of our staff and visitors, we ask that you do not bring anyone to your appointment or interview who is not required to attend.  If you are accompanied by friends or family members, they are welcome to wait outside our locations while you lodge your application. 


Regardless of the type of passport applied for you must provide Australian-standard photographs.  Our website has a list of photographers who are able to provide acceptable photographs.​ You should call the photographer to make sure they are open.  If you cannot attend a photo studio, the best option is to take your photo at home and use the service provided by www.passportphotonow.com to have it sized and printed correctly.  The photos are mailed to you and expedited options are available. ​

Frequently Asked Questions​

What if I don't need a temporary passport because I'm not planning to travel during the pandemic?

If you do not plan to travel and/or do not need a temporary passport, the best thing to do is wait until the COVID-19 situation stabilises.  You can then visit one of our offices to submit your application in person.  We will update this page once we stop accepting mail applications and resume our regular interview arrangements.  

What happens if my passport expires during this time?

There is no penalty for letting your passport expire.  Renewing a passport is a personal choice, but you may not be able to leave the United States without a valid passport.  You may wish to wait until the COVID-19 situation stabilises so that you can apply for your full 10 year passport (or 5 year passport for children) in person at any of our offices.  Please monitor this page for updates on when we stop accepting mail applications.

If you do plan to travel or want a passport for another reason, we encourage you to apply for a temporary passport by mail.  

What if I need to travel unexpectedly due to an emergency?

Please apply for an emergency passport as soon as possible by following the instructions above.  We can generally issue an emergency passport within 2 working days. If you need to travel more quickly, please call your lodging office to discuss your travel needs. 

When will you stop accepting mail applications for temporary/emergency passports?

We do not have an end date at this time.  We will continue to review the COVID-19 situation and will update this page once a decision has been made to return to normal in-person interview arrangements for all applications. 

Do I have to replace my temporary/emergency passport in person at your office?

Yes.  If you are issued a temporary or emergency passport, you must lodge a new application using the full application form (not the renewal form) in person at one of our offices.  Please monitor this page for updates on our interview arrangements and appointment requirements.