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The NGA 2018 Winter Meeting

The NGA 2018 Winter Meeting

The NGA organises meetings of Governors twice annually, in the summer, rotated through the US states, and a winter session, traditionally held in Washington DC.  Almost all State Governors attend the meetings.

On Saturday 24 February 2018, the NGA and Australia will partner in a special landmark event in recognition of the 100 years of Mateship at the NGA Winter meeting.  It will involve the Prime Minister addressing the plenary on the importance of the partnership in a changing global landscape.

This will be followed by a roundtable with participating Premiers and Chief Ministers, facilitated by Governor Sandoval, exploring opportunities to build on the collaboration between the two countries and discuss innovative approaches across key policy areas.

A Memorandum of Understanding will also be signed between the NGA and the Council of the Australian Federation.

Government representatives and business leaders will also be able to explore in detail potential partnerships and responses to key policy areas including:

  • the future of food and agriculture;
  • best practice and strategies to address the opiod crisis in the United States;
  • emerging technology in the energy and transportation sectors; 
  • innovation in education; 
  • transitional treatment and rehabilitation assistance to veterans; and
  • economic development and the future of work and skills development.

Learn more on the NGA Winter sessions on the NGA Agenda website.