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LA & Southwest US: A Busy Consular & Passports Hub

9 January 2017

With more than 610,000 Australians visiting Los Angeles in 2015-16 (Source: U.S. Dept. of Commerce; Tourism Economics), it’s no wonder that the Southwest US remains a busy hub for Australian consular and passport services team!

In 2015-16, the Australian Consulate-General in Los Angeles issued 556 emergency passports, the largest number of emergency passports issued by any Australian mission worldwide. Emergency passports are limited validity documents (12 months maximum validity) for immediate travel needs, but do not enable you to travel visa-free to certain destinations. With Australians being keen travellers, an incredible 2,745 full-validity passports were also issued in 2015-16 by the Los Angeles post, including outreach visits to Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

To lodge a full validity passport in Los Angeles, all Australian citizens must lodge their passport application in person at the Consulate-General via a scheduled appointment. First, find out what type of form that you need to use, then fill out your application forms online, sign and date the application form, obtain two passport photos, prepare for your interview, check if you need to provide additional documents, lodge your application in person and finally allow up to 3 weeks to receive your new passport. For more information on Australian passports visit www.passports.gov.au.