Treat yourself to a little Aussie TLC with workouts to get your heart rate up, arts and crafts to get your creative juices flowing and tips to help you relax and unwind.

Break a Sweat 

Struggling to find the motivation to workout at home during self-isolation? Not only can exercise reduce stress, prevent weight gain and improve sleep, it can also boost the immune system. While gyms and fitness classes have closed their doors, there are some great at-home workouts you can stream online to stay fit, get your blood flowing, and break up your daily routine.

The freebies

  • Get your heart pumping with Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. Michelle and her team host a series of online classes on Facebook and Instagram twice a week, available for free. You will be guided through training and given nutrition advice. Don't worry if you miss a class, the exercise routines are posted on the social pages following each class.

  • Learn ballet for free with Australian Ballet Centre's 'At Home Studios'. No matter if you have two left feet or feel at home at the barre, they'll have you on your way to performing the perfect pirouette in no time. (Or if you’d prefer to watch the experts, the Australian Ballet has performances for their 'Digital Season' you can watch online.

  • University of Melbourne Sport has a free online work out portal, including a workout of the day video, a beginner run plan, several online fitness videos and activities for kids.

  • Keep It Cleaner, the Aussie brand popular for its online lifestyle program, has turned its model into a virtual gym to encourage overall wellbeing. It's offering classes twice a week via Facebook and Instagram Live. The workouts, focused on cardio and strength-based training, yoga and pilates, don't require any equipment.

  • Every night at 7pm EDT, personal trainer, Sam Wood, takes to Facebook to do home workouts live. He posts them to his pages after so there's no reason to not get in a session the following morning!

  • If you're comfortable with yoga poses and just need a guiding voice to take you through the routine, yoga teacher, Annie Belcher, is your go-to yogi, with her free audio classes.

In case you want to splurge a little...

  • Good Day @ Home is an online Pilates platform run by Aussie Clara Baini. Her studio in SoHo opened less than a year ago and has felt the hit of the pandemic. Clara is now filming her classes for access online, on-demand for $20 per week.
  • Break a sweat with Training Mate. Founded by ex professional Australian Rugby player, Luke Milton, Training Mate’s unique combination of intense training programs and cheeky humour will get you in shape before you know it!

  • Australia’s renowned Sydney Dance Company is offering their FULL suite of dance classes online, download their app and learn from the best!

  • Be prepared for some heart-pumping exercises as you work out with Chris Hemsworth's team through his fitness app Centr. Try free for 7 days.
  • Stream celeb favourite workouts crafted by Aussie broadway star Simone De La Rue and your own personal nutrition plan directly from celebrity nutritionist Kelly LeVeque with Body by Simone. First 14 days free.

  • Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide (BBG) fitness programs are among the most popular workout plans in the world — and she's just made BBG free for a month to help people stay fit at home.

Exercise your creativity

Looking for some fast ways to ignite that spark of creativity? Exercise your inner creative side through colouring, weaving and Australian-themed origami.

  • Learn to weave! Tjanpi Desert Weavers created a weaving tutorial video with a downloadable step-by-step instruction sheet fun for adults and kids.
  • WIRES has some great kid's activity sheets you can download and print. WIRES is dedicated to wildlife education and knows that the future preservation and protection of Australia wildlife will be in the hands of our children.

  • Relax while colouring authentic Indigenous art templates by Aboriginal artists Olwyn Avery and Helen Price. Free printables! Great for adults and kids.

  • Bush Heritage Australia's volunteers have produced these colouring sheets of native animals to inspire and occupy young conservationists. Each colouring page features species they protect on one of their nature reserves – a good way to introduce different animals and where they live!

  • Brisbane Kid's have also produced Australian animal colouring pages. These ones are great for younger ages as they're simplified so they can be used with paint, texta or pencil.

  • Get your dose of art therapy with this all-ages colouring book, Colouring Country, based on Australian Indigenous artworks from the Balarinji Art & Design Archive. Each artwork has a description of its story and cultural context from the Dreamtime.

  • Learn to crochet the Australian way with Aussie Crochet Chick on YouTube. Learn the basic stitches to get you on your way to make fabulous items!

  • Swap out the screen time for some 'Australia-gami' fun with paper. Origami is a very simple at home activity and is fun for the whole family. Get started by crafting yourself a Koala, KangarooShark, Emu, ButterflySea turtle, Bird, or Fish with easy to follow YouTube tutorials. After you successfully master the art of Origami Australian-style, make sure to post on social media and tag @ausintheus so we can see your skills! All you need to get started is origami paper, which can be purchased on Amazon or you can make your own by following this step-by-step guide. The benefit to making your own = choose your own patterns and colours (pro tip: you could use Aussie colours!).

Host your own Aussie quiz night

Do you know how many countries are larger than Australia? Or what inspired the design of the Sydney Opera House? If not, stay connected with friends and brush up on your Australian general knowledge by hosting a virtual quiz day or night! 

  • The National Australia Day Council have done the hard work for you with their Australian specific quiz which covers questions on sport, arts and literature, history and science, entertainment, geography, and fabulous facts. And don’t worry, they provide you with all the answers too.
  • Buzzfeed have created the ‘Absolute Ultimate Australian Trivia Quiz’ (who doesn’t love a good Buzzfeed quiz!) and they're quick to point out that pub rules apply, meaning it is strongly discouraged to google any answers!

Make sure to compare or share your results with friends as a good way to stay connected to your virtual network.

Relax and unwind

  • Relax: Add a touch of fragrance and colour to your tub with Lush Australia to help you wind down. Typically infused with essential oils and other fun additions of your choice (including glittery bath bombs), Lush's products are 100% vegetarian, ethically sourced, handmade and animal cruelty free. Here's a few we recommend: Marshmallow World, Peachy Clean and Groovy Kind of Love. Purchase online and once restrictions are listed visit them at various stores across the United States, including Washington DC, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.
  • Smell: While we can't travel right now, Homesick's collection of candles use scent to remind us of some of our favourite countries, states and cities. We highly recommend (for obvious reasons) the 'Australia' candle. With notes of Eucalyptus, Chocolate, Saltwater, Jasmine, Lily, Rose, Sandalwood, Sunscreen, Amber, and Musk; it brings you the feeling of home, wherever you may be. Hint: if you were feeling daring you could light this candle while enjoying a Lush bath bomb?!

  • Drink: Brewing your own tea is a healthy, creative and easy way to relax and stay zen while you work from home. Even the aromatics from your brew will be a nice addition to your work from home space. Born and brewed in Melbourne, Australia, T2 (or "Tea too") is an Australian speciality tea retailer with a presence here in the US. They have a huge range of teas, along with fun tea recipes mixing and matching. We recommend the Sydney Breakfast loose leaf tea or the Melbourne Breakfast teabags! Order directly from the T2 website (orders over $35 qualify for free shipping to the United States from Australia) or alternatively, Amazon is also a convenient way to purchase T2 delivering straight to your door.

  • Listen: #KeepTheMusicGoing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as they bring you a free new concert each week!

Healthy Nutrition

  • Learn how to eat for your individual body! Follow @changinghabits_hq for delicious recipes or visit the website: Changing Habits. Cindi is a qualified Nutritionist with 30+ Years Experience and has been recognised by the Australian Organic Annual Awards 2019 as a finalist for Best Organic Influencer.
  • Follow The Nutrition Guy (TNG) @the_nutritionguy, aka Joel Feren, or visit his website for his delicious, nutritional recipes. Joel has led major projects for a variety of FMCG companies including Sanitarium, Abbott Nutrition, Patties Foods and San Remo. He is the Weet-Bix Better Brekkie Ambassador and has previously featured in Sanitarium’s TV commercial campaign.

  • Holistic Expert Nutritionist Jessica Sepel shares recipes and healthy tips on her instagram @JSHealth (go to her IGTV for recipes!)

Or learn new recipes from Australian Chefs, here's a few we follow on Instagram for inspo in the kitchen:

Or bake something from our Taste of Home section - we can't promise it will be nutritional though...

Learn a new language

OK, so this one is for our American mates. As we all know, learning a new language requires time and practice, and while you can't jet-set to Australia right now, you can still work on your Aussie language skills and get inspired for your next trip. You may not be able to learn an entire new language in a few months, but we think this “How to speak Australian” tutorial by Josh and Reece will get you started on the right foot, enjoy ;)