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Job: Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Case Specialist

Position Details

Position title: Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Case Specialist
Location: Embassy of Australia, Washington DC
LE Level: 4
Position Number: 10232
Status: Full-time
Agency/Branch/Work Unit: Defence/CASG
Salary: $53,380 USD per annum
Security Assessment: Required*

*Applicants must be Australian or Australian dual nationality citizens to be eligible for engagement.  Employment in the advertised position is dependent on the employee holding or obtaining the required level of clearance. Security clearances can take several months to process, and employment cannot be commenced until the required level of clearance is confirmed. There is no guarantee that the successful candidate for the position will be successful in obtaining a clearance. The inability to obtain a clearance prevents that applicant from being employed and loss of a security clearance at any time will lead to termination of employment

Contact Information

Contact Officer: Specific questions related to the position can be directed to Julianne Wake at julianne.wake@defence.gov.au.

Read information on Locally-Engaged positions (PDF) and terms and conditions of employment.

Recruitment Officer: Email additional questions to Paul P. Vella at: paul.vella@dfat.gov.au or Recruitment.Washington@dfat.gov.au.

Closing Date

The closing date for receipt of applications for this position is Close of Business (5:00pm) on Monday, 13 November 2017 (EST).

Applications received after the closing date will not be considered. If you have not been requested to attend an interview within four weeks of the closing date please assume that your application has not been successful on this occasion.

How to Apply

Carefully read and follow the how to apply instructions outlined on our website.


Please note taxation is a personal responsibility for all Locally Engaged Staff and individuals should confirm their taxation obligations before considering an offer of employment with the Embassy. (More information can be found on Terms and conditions of employment.)

About the Department of Defence

The primary role of Defence is to defend Australia and its national interests against armed attack. In doing so, Defence serves the Government of the day and is accountable to the Commonwealth Parliament which represents the Australian people to efficiently and effectively carry out the Government's Defence policy. Australia's Defence policy is founded on the principle of self-reliance in the direct Defence of Australia, but with a capacity to do more where there are shared interests with partners and allies.

Job Description

The role of the Australian Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) is to equip and sustain the Australian Department of Defence’s materiel capabilities to meet Australia's Defence and national security needs in an effective, efficient, economical and safe manner. In support of this the Defence Materiel Branch (Washington) [DEFMAT(W)] branch manages the procurement of equipment, training, services and repairs from North American commercial suppliers through Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) and from the United States Department of Defence through Foreign Military Sales (FMS) arrangements under the United States Security Assistance Program.  The DEFMAT (W) FMS team provides specialist advice and program/project management assistance to CASG and Defence clients on procurement through Government-Government FMS agreements and in accordance with US International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR) requirements.

The position is located in the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Directorate of the Materiel  Branch in the Department of Defence  The FMS Directorate is responsible for a significant volume (approx 10% of CASG’s annual budget) of the procurement of equipment, training, services and repairs through the specialised US FMS Program. This position reports to a Senior Foreign Military Sales Case Specialist, and is responsible for the efficient, effective and proactive management of a portfolio of moderately complex procurement cases and the provision of policy and compliance advice to both Commonwealth and US Government agencies, with limited guidance from their manager. The position also monitors export control applications.

A key role of the position is to establish high-level, effective, relationships with numerous Commonwealth and US Government departments and entities at a working level. This level of stakeholder engagement is critical to the successful delivery of ADF program and project outcomes through complex international regulatory frameworks, multiple organizational challenges and across significantly differing time zones. This results in the position working with a significant degree of autonomy and being representational on behalf of the Australian Government to various US Government departments.

Duty Statement

The key responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to:

·Under limited direction, procure and sustain moderately complex and at times politically sensitive military equipment and services through the development, establishment and management of Government-to-Government agreements between Australia and the United States through the FMS framework; including the development of formal correspondence.

·Maintain a significant level of specialist knowledge regarding applicable Australian and US policies and legislation to ensure FMS cases are compliant with all applicable governance and legislative requirements, and to provide analysis and strategic procurement option advice to CASG Program and Project teams.

·Establish and foster high-functioning, effective inter-governmental and inter-departmental relationships at the working level to optimise USG support to the ADF; including expediting Urgent Operational Requirements that directly relate to critical ADF military capabilities.

·Proactively analyse and manage moderately complex FMS cases to ensure that they meet Commonwealth requirements.

·Provide advice on complex or difficult to resolve FMS case issues, including the identification, management and mitigation of risks and issues.

·Represent CASG Programs and Projects at in-country meetings and Program/Project Management Reviews with US counterparts to provide advice, guidance and make decisions as required to ensure successful outcomes

·Research and resolve issues involving FMS freight and related systems and procedures.

Selection Criteria

Candidates must address all selection criteria for applications to be considered.


  1. Demonstrated understanding of the broader Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) procurement process, including the role played by the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group.
  2. Demonstrated experience in project management and procurement within a government and/or commercial setting.
  3. Demonstrated ability to adapt and overcome fluctuations in workloads, as well as changes in scope and complexity of tasks.
  4. Proven small team skills, including developing effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  5. Experience working independently.
  6. Demonstrated well developed oral and written communication skills including use of Information Technology.