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Exhibit: Whispering Grass

Whispering Grass - Stories from Australia's outback cattle stations by Fiona Lake

A photographic exhibition of more than 30 of the best images by Fiona Lake, Australian photographer and writer,  taken from the back of borrowed stockhorses, while bouncing around in bull catchers, from helicopters as well as by drone.

These images capture life on outback cattle stations located across Australia’s vast rangelands, stretching more than 3,000km east to west and 2,000km north to south.

About the artist

In 1984 Fiona Lake began creating a unique role for herself, documenting life on Australia's largest cattle stations.  These are the largest cattle stations (ranches) in the world - many run thousands of cattle across vast plains covering 10,000 square kilometres or more.  Over the years Fiona has captured images by whatever means available - borrowed stockhorses, spare seats in bull catchers, or in mustering helicopters. And in recent years, via drones. It's estimated that only 1% of Australia's licenced drone pilots are women, and Fiona is one of them.

Thousands of copies of Fiona's three books have been sent all over the world. Image subjects range from dusty mustering action and peaceful stockcamp evenings to expansive, empty landscapes.  She also produces magazine stories, runs workshops and leads farm tours making use of a large global agricultural network built up over many years.  The next farm tour is in July-August, to Ireland and the UK, and there are plans for a US farm tour.

Fiona's work has been featured on television and won many awards. She is one of the few photographers to have had an exhibition opened by the Governor-General of Australia and her website has been included in the National Library of Australia's 'Pandora' project - a permanent record of websites deemed to be of cultural significance.

For further information contact Fiona Lake via her website, www.fionalake.com.au, or contact the Australian Embassy.