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The Embassy of Australia, located at 1601 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington DC, remains open for business while scaffolding is erected around the building. The scaffolding will remain in place for an indeterminate period.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

United Nations Security Council & Human Rights Council

Today I announce Australia will be a candidate for the United Nations Security Council in 2029-30.  The need for strong international cooperation to tackle global security challenges becomes more pressing each year. Australia seeks this term determined that elected members can and should make a difference in increasing the Security Council’s effectiveness in maintaining international peace and security. (more)

United Nations Peacekeeping pledge

Australia has continued its tradition of strong support for UN peacekeeping, pledging to provide strategic air lift and training support. Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop today joined more than fifty world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in reaffirming support to UN peacekeeping and offer pledges of assistance. The UN peacekeeping system is under unprecedented strain as it responds to the violent and protracted conflicts around the world. Australia’s C-130 and C-17 aircraft will provide strategic air lift support ­­for UN peacekeeping operations in crisis situations where and whenever we can.  (more)

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop hosts a breakfast meeting of the MIKTA Foreign Ministers at the Ambassadors residence in New York.


6th MIKTA Foreign Ministers' Meeting

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop: On 26 September I chaired the sixth MIKTA Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, bringing together Foreign Ministers from Mexico, Indonesia, Korea and Turkey to discuss key global and regional issues that affect our security and prosperity. MIKTA countries are significant economic powers: we are the 12th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th largest economies in the world and play pivotal strategic roles in our respective regions. We also share important fundamental values, including a commitment to democracy and human rights, and support free trade and open economies. Our discussion today focussed on Syria and foreign terrorist fighters; counter-terrorism; international energy governance; gender equality; development cooperation; and encouraging further innovation across MIKTA economies.  (more)

Australia welcomes new global development agenda

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop joined Leaders and Ministers from across the globe at the United Nations in New York, to welcome and endorse the Sustainable Development Goals.  All 193 member states of the United Nations have established a global roadmap for development cooperation to 2030 and beyond. The involvement of civil society, the private sector and development organisations were important to achieving this strong outcome and will be critical to delivering it.  The 2030 agenda is comprehensive, progressive and innovative and recognises that we need to harness both public and private sources of finance to achieve development. (more)

Hajj pilgrimage tragedy

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop:  I was deeply saddened to hear of the tragedy and terrible loss of life at the Hajj. On behalf of all Australians, I offer my condolences to the families of pilgrims killed or injured during the Hajj pilgrimage. The Australian Embassy in Riyadh is working closely with Saudi authorities to ascertain whether any Australians have been affected by this tragedy. At this stage Saudi authorities advise that no Australians have been affected. (more)

Visit to the United Nations

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop:  Today I travel to New York to lead Australia’s delegation to the United Nations General Assembly, the largest annual gathering of world leaders.  A major focus of this year’s meeting is the Sustainable Development Summit. I will join world leaders to endorse an ambitious set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs will have the eradication of extreme poverty by 2030 at their core and a strong focus on economic growth and gender equality.  During my visit, I will highlight Australia’s efforts to degrade the capabilities of Da’esh in Syria and Iraq at a summit hosted by President Obama and urge enhanced international cooperation towards this effort. I will speak to the Security Council on the collective action needed to end the conflicts in the Middle East and discuss the humanitarian crisis and international counter-terrorism initiatives with leaders.   (more)

Engaging the private sector in aid and development

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop:  Today I announce a new strategy to enhance the Australian Government’s engagement with the private sector across all areas of the aid program.  Engaging the Private Sector: Creating Shared Value Through Partnership invites business to work with the Australian Government to help solve our region’s development challenges.  The Strategy recognises the private sector as a driver of economic growth, incomes and jobs, and as a partner for government to achieve more effective and sustainable aid outcomes.  (more)

Mudai #1, 2007 - folded traditional Japanese papers
and Japanese Uzin-Washi and inks 
Exhibtions at the embassy...

The Embassy of Australia presents a solo exhibition by Japanese Australian artist Hiromi Ashlin. Recognised as a renowned “sensei-level” calligrapher, origami master and contemporary artist, her art blends traditional Japanese elements with her Australian Pacific connection. Hiromi’s time with Indigenous Australian artists can clearly be seen in some of her work on display. (more)

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