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till 12 Sept 2017

Revealing the beauty hidden in the microcosm.

Not only beautiful, each image is part of a quest for knowledge and reveals a unique story of discovery and innovation.

Researchers use sophisticated microscopes to explore inner space at the micro, nano and atomic levels. These instruments enable scientists from a wide range of disciplines to investigate and find solutions to our global challenges. This exhibition highlights some of the very latest research and a selection of everyday wonders. Through these images you can discover sustainable future materials, inspirational structures from nature, and advances in healthcare and food security.

All the images of Incredible Inner Space come from the Australian Microscopy & Microanalysis Research Facility (AMMRF) labs around Australia. The AMMRF is Australia’s national microscopy infrastructure, bringing together university-based microscopy centres into one collaborative open-access grid that enables excellence in Australian research and the international research community.     




Colorectal cancer cells, extracted from the body and cultured in the lab so that scientists can learn more about this devastating disease. The cells just happen to have grown into the shape of our great country. In the culture dish 'Australia' is 838 micrometres wide, 4.89 billion times smaller than the real Australia, which is 4,100 kilometres east–west.

Visualised using confocal microscopy by Dr Kristina Jahn, University of Sydney.





Bryozoa are tiny aquatic animals that form colonies, each measuring a few millimetres in length. The living animal is gone but the hard, calcium carbonate compartment of its skeleton is shown here. The holes allowed food to get through to the Bryozoan that once lived inside.

Visualised using scanning electron microscopy by David Salt, Australian National University. This image has been colour enhanced.

Size: about 500 micrometres wide.


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