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A contemporary exhibition produced by artists from Milingimbi Art and Culture, one of Australia’s premier Aboriginal owned and operated cultural organizations.


The ‘Gapu Murnuk ‘exhibition celebrates the coming together of elements, the freshwater and the saltwater.  As the gapu (water) travels, it brings with it the king tide.

Gapu gamurray (saltwater) and gapu raping (fresh water) meet and create something else, gapu murnuk. Gapu murnuk is celebrated for its wealth and abundance – ‘dharruwa ngata’ (lots of food including fish and crocodile eggs).

In Yolngu ceremonies, gapu murnuk often represents the interconnected relationships between Yirritja and Dhuwa (the two Yolngu moieties), husband and wife and mother and son.

In Yolngu culture, every element is represented in the kinship system.



Milingimbi is a small island off the remote northern coast of Australia and was the site of the second mission in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, founded in 1923. It quickly became a focal point for cross cultural and artistic contact and research.

Community life here is underpinned by cultural practice of which art making is key. 

Artistic practice inhabits a prominent place in Yolngu society and is core to governance and title, to county and ceremony, unity and identity.


Gallery @ Embassy of Australia
1601 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC 20036

Open 10am until 2pm weekdays
Photo ID essential for entry

For further information call 202.797.3000
or email: Cultural.RelationsUS@dfat.gov.au



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