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Other services for Australians

Australian Elections

For current information on Australian elections, enrolment procedures and voting whilst overseas, visit the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website at www.aec.gov.au or contact the AEC via email (info@aec.gov.au) or telephone (+61 2 6273 8606).

Birth, Deaths and Marriages (BDM)

The Embassy does not issue birth, death or marriage certificates. If you wish to register a birth, death or marriage, or obtain a copy of your existing Australian birth, death or marriage certificate, you may apply through the official web site of the relevant State or Territory Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Returning Remains to Australia

When human remains are to be returned to Australia for burial or cremation, there are requirements to meet under the Quarantine Act 1908. For assistance with returning remains to Australia, contact the Embassy or one of the six Consulates-General throughout the United States.


Renewal of Australian Drivers' Licences

The renewal of Australian drivers’ licences is handled by the various State and Territory authorities. The Embassy does not issue or renew drivers’ licences and can only assist with the witnessing and certifying of documents if required. For further questions, or to obtain the relevant documentation for renewing your licence, please contact the transport office in the relevant Australian State or Territory.

International Driving Permits

Some rental car agencies in the United States require an International Driving Permit (IDP) as part of the agreement. An IDP is a widely recognised document that serves as proof of validation of your Australian drivers’ license. An IDP is not itself a licence, however - you must also have a current Australian licence.

IDPs are issued by associated members of the Australian Automobile Association (AAA). To obtain an IDP, please contact the relevant authority in your State or Territory.


J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program

Australians who are subject to, but do not wish to comply with, the two-year home-country residence requirement, may apply for a waiver of that requirement under any one of the five applicable grounds provided for by United States immigration law.

One of those grounds is on the basis of a "No Objection" Statement issued by the Australian Government. Information on applying for a "No Objection" Statement can be found here.

Legal Representation: Local Lawyers and Immigration Attorneys

The Embassy does not maintain a list of local lawyers and/or immigration attorneys.

Each State Bar Association provides a lawyer referral service. Contact details for the State Bar Associations can be found here. The American Immigration Lawyers Association (based in Washington DC) also offers a lawyer referral service. For further information, visit www.aila.org.

*** Neither the Australian Government, nor the Embassy, can accept any responsibility whatsoever for the competence or otherwise of any of the practitioners recommended by these services, nor for any costs involved.