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About Australia

View The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's video snapshot of Australia and enjoy a stunning look at some of what Australia has to offer.

General information

Information about Australia`s trade, foreign relations, economy, environment, government, indigenous peoples, science, culture and more.

An overview of Australia

Download here:

Australia in Brief [PDF 5.12 MB]

Australia in Brief e-book on iBooks


Sydney Poster [PDF 3.22MB]
This poster has interesting facts about Australia on the back.











Roo Postcard [PDF 623KB]










Fun Facts Passport [PDF 975KB]
This fun facts passport can be printed in colour. The inside of the passport has interesting information about Australia.

Australia for kids


Australian studies in the USA

Indigenous Australia

Indigenous Portal

For information on Australian Government programs and services for Indigenous people. They look after most Australian Government programs for Indigenous people and negotiate funding agreements to meet local and regional needs.


Access to Australian Government information and services.

Phone directories

Time Zones

Current times in Australia