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Passport Photo technical specifications

Technical specifications for passport photos

It is important that your photos are printed using the right type of printer and paper.  It is not enough to have your photos "professionally printed" as photo stores use different printing techniques and paper. 

For a complete list of technical specifications, click here.

 Here is a summary of the most important points to give to your photographer:


Printing - DO use the following:

  • Full colour continuous tone printers with a minimum 300ppi resolution

  • 35mm x 45mm @ 300dpi or 413 pixels x 531 pixels or greater

Paper - DO use the following:

  • Semi gloss surface photographic paper. 

  • Drylab photographic inkjet standard gloss paper


Printing - do NOT use the following:

  • NO inkjet printers (unless they meet the minimum paper and printer requirements)
  • NO colour laser/thermal printers
  • NO dye sublimation printers unless they print at a minimum of 300ppi

Paper - do NOT use the following:

  • NO very high gloss, lustre, silk, matte, inkjet or photocopy papers
  • NO thermal papers with heavy backing
  • NO photographic paper with heavy water marks on the back

If your photographer does not understand these requirements, there is a good chance that your photos will not be printed correctly.