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Passports PC7 Local Instructions

How to renew an Australian Passport using a Form PC7


The PC7 form cannot be used to change your passport details (eg. name) or replace a lost passport. 


How to complete the PC7 form

1.   Check that all pre-completed details on the form are correct.  If changes are needed to the name field or personal details in Section 2, you should complete a PC8 application instead

2.   Check the pre-printed address at the top of the form.  If changes are needed to the address, neatly cross through the pre-printed address and write the new address in black ink to the right of the incorrect address.

3.   Complete the remaining sections in black ink and sign and date the form attesting that all the information is correct.  Use Australian date format (DD/MM/YYYY) and do not make any alterations to your signature or date.

4.   Obtain two recent colour photographs (they cannot be more than six months old) and write your name neatly on the back of one photo.  Detailed photo information is available on this site.  Check your photos carefully as non-compliant photos are the most common reasons for rejecting applications.  Use the information on our website to check your photos and find a photographer.

5.   Use the  checklist below to avoid the most common errors.


How to lodge your application

You must lodge your application in person.   There are no exceptions to this requirement, even if you have previously renewed your passport via mail.

You should bring these items to your interview:

1.   The completed application renewal form, filled out in black ink, dated in Australian date format (DD/MM/YYYY)

2.    Your previous passport (the number of which is recorded at the top left side of the application form).  This passport will be returned to you at your interview after we have cancelled it.

3.   Two photographs, one with your full name written neatly on the back.

4.   The passport fee (and courier fee if you do not intend to collect your passport from the office where you are lodging the application).


Adult PC7 Checklist

Passport Application Fees