Embassy of Australia
United States of America

Passports: PC7 Checklist

Things to bring to your interview:


  • Your most recent passport
  • 2 compliant passport photos
  • Completed application form
  • Correct payment (Visa or MasterCard only) – remember fees are adjusted on the 1st of each month 


Things to check before your interview:


  • Did you read, sign and date the Declaration?  No alterations and no white-out?
  • Is your declaration in Australian date format? DD/MM/YYYY?
  • Did you check your photos for size and quality?  (Check under a magnifying glass to make sure there is no blurriness, graininess, pixelation or stripes.)
  • Did you print your name on the back of one photo?
  • Do you have your most recent passport?
  • Did you sign within the white box?
  • Is your form still valid?  (Check the expiration date at the top of the PC7 form.) 

All answers must be yes. Otherwise, your application will be rejected and returned to you.