Embassy of Australia
United States of America


Note:  Did you know that bad photos are the most common reason for rejecting applications?  Approximately 90% of the photographs we receive are not acceptable.  The two most common problems are the resolution of the photos and head size.  


Photo requirements for United States passports are different from those for Australian passports. You need to make sure your photos comply with Australian standards – not those of the United States. Below is a summary of the most important features for Australian passport photos.  If any of the requirements are not met then your photos will be rejected.


  • Photo dimensions: at least 45mm high x 35 mm wide (do NOT trim photos if bigger)
  • Head size: 32 mm to 36 mm (1¼” to 13/8”) from top of head/skull (not hair) to bottom of chin
  • Neutral expression, no smiling, mouth closed
  • Good lighting, no shadows behind head or on face
  • Face front on to camera, eyes looking directly at camera
  • Plain, light-coloured background
  • High resolution, good quality paper with semi-gloss surface - see the technical specifications for details

Don't worry about attaching the photos to the form.  We will do that for you.  Just leave them loose with your application.  Some people like to put them in a smaller envelope or baggie for safekeeping.  Please don't use paperclips, staples or sticky tape on the front of the photos.

For a complete list of photo requirements, including technical specifications, click here.


TIP:  Check your photos under a magnifying glass to see if they are high resolution.  If you see pixels, striped lines, graininess or blurriness, then they are not acceptable.



  • Shadows behind head or under chin
  • Red eye
  • Flash reflections on glasses or tinted lenses
  • Glasses frames covering eye area
  • Thick or medium glasses frames
  • Ink marks, indentations from paperclips, staples, sticky tape on front of photos


For a list of photo locations that our clients have used, click here.