Embassy of Australia
United States of America

Consulate-General – Honolulu

Location and contact details

1000 Bishop Street
Honolulu HI 96813


General Office Hours 8.00 am – 4.00 pm Monday to Friday

Tel: (808) 529–8100 / Fax: (808) 529–8142

 Responsible for consular services, including passports services, in the State of Hawai’i.


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Australian Consulate-General

Hawai’i is the home of the US Pacific Command (USPACOM) the headquarters responsible for US military activities in over fifty percent of the earth's surface including North Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific and Indian Oceans. USPACOM has more than 300,000 personnel and includes the world's largest naval command – the US Pacific Fleet. The Australian Defence Force trains regularly with these forces and forces from US PACOM have now commenced rotational training in Australia. The Consulate-General is responsible for managing Australia's relationship with USPACOM.

Passport and Consular Services

Hawaii is major international tourism destination for travellers from across the globe and a major transit point for those travelling to mainland USA and Canada. An estimated 190,000 Australians visited Hawaii in 2011 continuing the trend of rapid growth. There are an estimated 900 Australians living in the consular region which covers the islands of the State of Hawai’i. The Australian Consulate-General is located in downtown Honolulu, the major financial, business and trade district.

The Consulate-General is committed to facilitating world-class consular and passport assistance to Australians abroad, including the issue and renewal of Australian passports. The Consulate-General provides an emergency passport service to Australian nationals who meet the application requirements. Consular assistance is provided in the event of, but not limited to, arrest and detention, medical emergency, or natural disaster.

For additional information please visit:

» Consular

» Passports

If you are submitting your passport application to Honolulu and wish to have the passport mailed to you, please note the additional courier fee of USD10.  The Consulate-General accepts payment by Visa and Mastercard only.  No cash or cheques are accepted.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Australia and Canada the Consulate-General provides an emergency passport and consular service to Canadian nationals. A similar service is available to British citizens.

Visa Services

The Consulate-General does not provide an Australian visa service. For all visa enquiries the Australian Visa Information Serviceplease call +1 613 238 1040 (Call costs to Canada apply) or use the Australian immigration email enquiry form for the Americas Region.

Support / Liaison Services

The Consulate-General provides a variety of services for the Australian Government and its citizens abroad, including the coordination of high-level Ministerial visits and the provision of voting facilities for Federal elections.


The following holidays will be observed by the Australian Consulate-General Honolulu:

 Monday  26 December 2016  Boxing Day
 Tuesday  27 December 2016  Christmas Day (in lieu)
 Wednesday  28 December 2016  Additional DFAT Holiday
 Thursday  29 December 2016  Additional DFAT Holiday
 Friday  30 December 2016  Additional DFAT holiday
 Monday  2 January 2017  New Year's Day (in lieu)
 Monday  20 February 2017  President's Day
 Friday  14 April 2017  Good Friday
 Monday  17 April 2017  Easter Monday
 Monday  29 May 2017  Memorial Day
 Tuesday  4 July 2017  Independence Day
 Monday  4 September 2017  Labor Day
 Thursday  23 November 2017  Thanksgiving
 Friday  24 November 2017  Day after Thanksgiving
 Monday  25 December 2017  Christmas Day
 Tuesday  26 December 2017  Boxing Day
 Wednesday  27 December 2017  Additional DFAT Holiday
 Thursday  28 December 2017  Additional DFAT Holiday
 Friday  29 December 2017  Additional DFAT Holiday