Embassy of Australia
United States of America

Character Requirements

In order to be granted a visa for entry to Australia you must meet the character requirement.

If requested, you must provide a police certificate from each country where you have lived for a total of 12 months or more in the last 10 years.

Applicants currently living in the United States must obtain both a State-wide police clearance from each State of residence in the USA during the last 12 months AND a FBI clearance in their current name and any other name they are, or have previously been known by.

If applicable, you must also provide:

• court papers listing the outcomes and dispositions of any charges listed on the FBI clearance, US State police clearance, or other police certificates/clearances; and

• any document(s) associated with your arrest, time served and release documents; and

• a written statement from you detailing each arrest/offence/conviction.

Obtaining a FBI clearance - US citizens and permanent residents

Apply directly to the FBI or to one of four department approved channelers to obtain an Identity History Summary Check.


- Approved channelers:

- Accurate Biometrics

- National Credit Reporting

- National Background Check Inc

- Telos Identity Management Solutions


Obtaining a FBI clearance - US temporary residents and visitors

Apply directly to the FBI to obtain an Identity History Summary Check.

Obtaining a State Police Clearance

Apply to your relevant state police department. Please ensure the clearance is requested for all names you have been known by.