Embassy of Australia
United States of America

Australian Elections

For up-to-date information on Australian elections, enrolment and voting while overseas, visit the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) website or contact the AEC by calling +61 2 6160 2600 or +61 2 6113 4777 or emailing info@aec.gov.au.

Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is urging eligible Australians who haven't yet done so to complete and return their Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey by 27 October 2017.

To participate you must have been enrolled with the AEC and eligible to vote by 6pm (AEST) on 24 August 2017. You can check your enrolment by visiting the AEC website or by calling +61 2 6160 2600 or +61 2 6113 4777. You cannot check your details via the Embassy.

Paper forms will not be posted overseas but the ABS has advised that the survey form for people located overseas is now available online on the ABS website. Further information, including how to obtain an access code to participate in the survey, is also available on the ABS website.

All eligible Australians are encouraged to participate, however the survey is not compulsory and there are no penalties for not participating.

For further information, visit the ABS website or call +61 2 6252 5262.