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Online Services


You can create a single point of entry into online visa services with your own online account. ImmiAccount is a self-service web portal that enables you to complete, submit, pay for and manage all online applications from one access point.

ImmiAccount will allow you to perform a range of tasks online, such as:

  • commencing, completing and paying for an application
  • attaching documents to support your application
  • making changes to personal details
  • tracking the status of your application
  • accessing relevant forms and correspondence.

For more information see ImmiAccount webpage.

For further tips on using your ImmiAccount please refer to the quick reference guides provided by our Americas Service Centre.

eLodgement visas

There are three visas that you can apply for online to visit Australia for tourism or business visitor activities. Tourism includes holidays, recreation and seeing family and or friends.Business visitor activities may include attending a conference, negotiation or an exploratory business visit.

For more information on this online tool see the eLodgement for Visitor visa for visitors and eligible passport holders.

Please refer to our application document checklist.


Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity)

A temporary work visa that lets you enter Australia to do short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work; participate in an event or events on a non-ongoing basis at the invitation of an Australian organisation and in limited circumstances, participate in an activity or work relating to Australia’s interests.

To start the online lodgement process please use the eLodgement for Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa site.

Please refer to our website for further information on the Temporary work (Short Stay Activity) visa.


Partner visa

eLodgment will be available to Partner visa applicants of all nationalities.

Partner visas enable people from overseas to enter Australia as the fiancé, spouse, or de facto partner of an Australian citizen or resident.

To start the online lodgement process please use the eLodgement for Partner visa website.


Citizenship by Descent

All persons born overseas to an Australian citizen applying for Australian citizenship by descent can lodge their application online.

To start the online lodgement process please use the eLodgement for Citizenship by Descent website.